[Spellyans] <gwredhen> or <gwreydhen> "root"?

Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 19:07:46 GMT 2009

I should recommend:

gwredhen, gwrydh (KS gwrëdh), gwredhyow


On 1/14/09, Daniel Prohaska <daniel at ryan-prohaska.com> wrote:
> Dhew'whei lowena!
> I'm having trouble with the Cornish word for "root". The KK dictionary gives
> gwreydhenn, UCR gwredhen, RLC has gwredhan. Traditional Cornish attestations
> are gwrythyow (pl., OM), gurythyow (pl., OM), gvrythyow (pl., OM), an
> wreythan (x 3 TH), an wrethyan (TH), gwryth (pl., BK), gwrethow (pl. CW),
> ha'y gwreythow (pl. CW), Hy gwredhan yw down (Lhuyd). The verb gurythya
> 'root' occurs twice in OM (Thank you Nicholas for providing these forms).
> OCVoc has grueiten. The Welsh cognate is gwraidd and the Breton plural is
> gwizioù (singulative gwrizienn). A typical Proto-Celtic reconstruction is
> *wrad-io-. Craig has provided me with the place name Trythall which was
> recorded as Trewreydhel in 1289.
> a)       My question is, should the collective noun have a diphthongal or
> monophthongal reflex?
> b)       Is the stressed vowel of the disyllabic reflex (in the singulative
> gwrXdhen and plural gwrXdhyow) different from the vowel in the collective
> noun gwrXdh?
> c)       Was the high front vowel through secondary i-affection in the verb
> gurythya and the plural gurythyow analogically transferred onto the
> collective and singulative form?
> Any ideas and comments would be greatly appreciated.
> Gromercy dhew',
> Dan
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