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For what it is worth, I would allow :

in bàn (where pre-occlusion is not written)
in badn (where pre-occlusion is written)

I would prefer yn to be an option for in.

Unless you are aiming to be all inclusive, I would not bother with the forms with m.
They appear to me to be degenerative forms where the m has arisen from the combination nb.
I actually say "imbuilt" for inbuilt and "im-between" for in-between. I haven't dropped the b yet though!

If you do allow in màn, should you also include in madn?


Andrew J. Trim

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Subject: [Spellyans] 'up, upwards'

In the texts the expression for ‘up, upwards’ is attested as follows:

yn ban x 47
in ban x 23
in badn x 1
in man x 1
e man x 1
man x 8.

The one instance of in man is in Tregear.
I believe KS should allow three forms: in bàn, in badn and in màn.
What do other people think?



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