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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sat Jul 18 22:02:43 IST 2009

On 18 Jul 2009, at 21:12, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> As you know, I regard toponymic evidence to be as valuable and valid  
> as textual, for the reason that our texts are limited in both number  
> and scope.
> We have: The Gaider (St Keverne, no historical forms); then Garder-  
> Wartha/Garder Wollas on St Agnes Beacon; Cathebedron (Caderbaderan  
> 1286 is one historical form of this); Chapel Engarder, which  
> Nicholas mentions; Meane Cadworth (Gwithian 1613); Pen a Gader and  
> Pengadoer (Mevagissey 1302).
> In my opinion, cadar is as valid as chayr.

"Valid" for what? For place-names, sure. What Nicholas was  
demonstrating is that the ordinary, unmarked, word for "chair" in the  
Cornish texts is "chair".

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