[Spellyans] gostoyth, gosteyth, gostyth

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It is also found once in Passio Domini:"go vy vyth pan yth thotho | pan
of fythys thyworto | tergwyth hythew"

'Woe is me, that I went to him, that I am vanquished by him three times
to day'

[Passio Domini: 145-7]


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  This word is attested twice:
  tergweyth y fe convyctijs PA 18bpedyr te am nagh tergweth PA 49c.
  I prefer <tergweyth> and that is how I write it in KS.

  On 6 Mar 2009, at 13:33, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

    Would <teyrgweyth> better be transcribed as [ˈtɛɪrgwɪθ]?

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