[Spellyans] Multiple adjectives after feminine nouns

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 12:39:38 GMT 2009

In his Notennow Kernewek the late Ray Edwards suggests that
there are in fact four instances of mar pleg. He is right.
I failed to count me a levar thys mar pleag CW 755.

I disagree with him, however, that mar pleg really is
the equivalent of 'please' (< if it please) in all instances.

Edwards also observes that me a'th pës (my a'th pys) is found
more than thirty times in the texts.

He also mentions two other expressions which mean
'please', dre dha vodh, attested nine times, and
dell y'm kyrry (Edwards's dell y'm kerri) which is found
fourteen times.

We thus have four ways of saying 'please':

1 mar pleg
2 me a'th pës
3 dre dha vodh
4 dell y'm kyrry.

Since 2 is by far the commonest and obviously means
'I beg you' (cf. German bitte), it is my preferred option.


On 17 Mar 2009, at 11:07, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> I don't think I've ever heard anyone use 'Me a'th pys'.  Having two  
> ways of saying 'please' does give us variety, though.

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