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> Why H = hâ rather than H = hê?

Same thing: standard European. Engish aitch [eɪtʃ] comes from French  
hache [aʃ], and that comes from ha [ha] but they lost the initial [h]  
so "h" rhymed with "a" so they disambiguated to hache.

Compare also German (written here in KS orthography): â bê tsê dê  
ê ef gê hâ î yot kâ ell èm èn ô pê cû èr ess tê û faw vê  
iks upsylon tset

> Someone mentioned Q = kuw.


> I think that Q = cuw would be better, and I think cuw might be  
> better than kyû (kyw?) or cû.
> I don't dislike Q = cû though.

cû is [kuː]; kyû is [kjuː]; cuw is [ˈkiːʊ] (rhymes with dyw, yw,  
duw). I think the last to be a bit unlikely. In Latin it was ce/ca/cu  
[keː kaː kuː] but as we have cê [seː] for the first we don't need  
[kaː] for the second and I followed Talek(?) here with [keː].

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