[Spellyans] "understand" in Cornish

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I agree with Michael. According to the SWF Specification document, it should 
be kamonderstondya/camonderstondya because the prefix does not take 
secondary stress.

The rules are on the pages marked .18. , .19. , .20. and .21. of the "SWF 
Specification Final Version".

Unfortunately, the examples given do not conform to the rules as written. 
They say that it should be pednseythen "weekend", pellgowser "telephone", 
cammneves "rainbow", corrdonner "microwave" (apparently because the prefix 
supposedly takes secondary stress in these words.)  According to the rules, 
these should be penseythen, pelgowser, camneves and cordonner.

If there is to be (secondary) stress on the prefix, as they suggest, these 
words should be written pedn-seythen, pell-gowser, camm-neves, corr-donner, 
and cabm-onderstondya.

We need to decide how these words are to be pronounced and stressed, and 
spell them accordingly.  The SWF Specification as written is unhelpful and 
may be wrong. We should follow the intent of the rules. Errors should be 
documented and then ignored.


Andrew J. Trim

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> On 6 Mar 2009, at 14:33, Daniel Prohaska wrote:
>> “It is <ùnderstondya> in KS and so should be <understondya> with 
>> ambiguous vowel. If you write <cammùnderstondya> you imply 
>> <cabmùnderstondya>; is this your intent?”
>> There is no implication in the SWF that <mm> necessitates the Late 
>> Cornish variant <bm>. <Mm>, <nn>, <ll> and <rr> retain the double 
>> spelling when the syllable in question carries secondary stress.
> You should write <camùnderstondya> nevertheless.
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