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I agree, too. The question is just, what are the exact SWF rules on this?




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I agree.





Andrew J. Trim




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I agree. That is why in Alys I wrote pednwysk 'headgear, hat' but penwysker
'hatter'. In the first the prefix is stressed, in the second never. 

I agree that decisions need to be made about all items containing cam-,
pen-, etc.


The word ùnderstondya has primary stress on the o and secondary stress on
the ù. That means that in the compound

camùnderstondya the cam- is not stressed and should be spelt <cam>, not
<camm, cabm>.




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If there is to be (secondary) stress on the prefix, as they suggest, these
words should be written pedn-seythen, pell-gowser, camm-neves, corr-donner,
and cabm-onderstondya.



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