[Spellyans] IANA language code for SWF Cornish

steve at chygwyn.com steve at chygwyn.com
Fri Mar 20 19:49:34 GMT 2009


On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 09:44:29AM +0000, Michael Everson wrote:
> On 18 Mar 2009, at 22:23, steve at chygwyn.com wrote:
>> I hope this question isn't too off-topic for this list... The IANA  
>> (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) maintains a list of language  
>> codes including Cornish:
>> http://www.iana.org/assignments/language-subtag-registry
>> The entries include:
>> kw
>> kw-uccor
>> kw-ucrcor and
>> kw-kkcor
>> Does anybody know if there is a code for the SWF, or if one has been  
>> applied for?
> There isn't one. I applied for the others but left KS and the SWF out  
> for a number of reasons. (It doesn't mean that they should always be  
> out, just that I was more confident about applying for tags for UC, UCR, 
> and RLC.) First, neither a formal specification nor a dictionary of KS 
> available yet. Second, well, how many SWF tags should there be? SWF/T and 
> SWF/M are different superfically but quite visibly, and then there's the 
> application of the RLC forms to either. Third, the SWF specification is a 
> bit thin; it would, perhaps, be better to wait for a dictionary to be 
> published.
There is room for variation (at least in terms of locales for free
software) if required, in that the full locale specification looks
like: ll[_XX[@var]] where ll is the language code, XX is normally the
country code but in the kw case is orthography and @var is some kind
of other variation. I've used [] to mean "optional" in case that isn't

I see the largest hurdle that I might face is in convincing maintainers
of software packages that the XX need not be a two digit country code
as there are no other exceptions in the current locales which I have
come across. However, thats my issue to solve :-)

It would be very helpful if a dictionary was available as you say,
but we might make some progress with the word list in the specification
itself, I think.

A lot of the phrases we'll require are quite similar across projects
so that once we have a basic set of translated phrases for things
like File, Edit, Save, Save As..., Help and so forth, it should be
easy to use them in many places.

>> I'm trying to find out what the correct tag should be for SWF Cornish 
>> in web pages and also for naming locales for translating software,
> So far all you could use is kw. What are your specific plans, however?
> Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com
The plans will, to a great extent, depend upon the people who volunteer
to help. I don't want to set a particular orthography for the project
and risk reducing the pool of potential volunteers. So my plan was to
try and encourage the use of kw-??? to specifically state which
system is in use for that particular package. If people feel strongly
that there should be a translation in their particular chosen system
then I don't see anything wrong with multiple translations of the same
software. Having said that, it would obviously help increase the scope
of the translations if that doesn't happen too often.

Also, to explain the process (I'm not sure how familar, or not, you are with
GNU gettext and similar systems) the basic workflow is that you get
a list of generated strings (usually phrases) from the software
package in question in a text file, add the translations for each
phrase under it and rename the file with an extension which is the
IANA language code. There are some surprises from time to time in
that the phrases might not always be put together in a way that
works in the translated language (wrt mutations and so forth) but
generally it seems to work ok for most languages.

So the importance of the language tag is that maintainers of the
software, who in general won't know the languages, rely on the
language tag being in the IANA list as a test of whether the
submitted file is "correct".


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