[Spellyans] Abbreviating Ordinal Numbers

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Tue Mar 24 14:38:46 GMT 2009

I have been looking at ways to represent abbreviated ordinal numbers, in dates for example. Nicholas in Clappya Kernowek gives éthves warn ügans as 28es. That is, the ordinal ending is attached to the number. Wella Brown, on the other hand, in A Grammar of Modern Cornish gives ethves warn ugans as 28ans. That is, the ending of the final element of the ordinal number is attached to the number. Which, if either, is correct?

In Beunans Meryasek, line 2072, we find han gela veth mys est certen orth ov deser an viijth deth. This appears to be attaching -th, as in English 8th. Is this seen more generally?


Andrew J. Trim  
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