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When one is referring to the second of something, but not in a series,  
the word in Cornish is secùnd.

Tregear says: yma pedyr in Kynsa chapter in second pistyll TH 18. This  
means the first chapter of the second epistle of Peter.
He could not have said *in nessa pistyll because there are only two  
epistles of Peter and they are not therefore part of a series.
In the same way Tregear refers to God the Son as an second person five  
times (TH 1, 12a x 2, 15, 15a). He could not call him *an nessa  
person, because the persons of the Trinity do not form a series.

The Cornish for 'second' is secùnd. Nessa means 'next' (which in a  
series is the second—and this is the cause of the confusion).

Tregear says: So in nessa homelie why a clowith moy dre weras a thu  
'But in the next homily you will hear more, by the help of God' (TH  
46) where the next homily is the tenth! It is certainly not the second.

Nessa means 'next'
Secùnd means 'second'.


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