[Spellyans] Abbreviating Ordinal Numbers

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 09:46:14 GMT 2009

Jon did not mention the most obvious example of nessa 'second in a  
series' which is in the Duchess of Cornwall's Progress:

Dreth gwz Kibmias Benigas, Why a ra Cavas dr’eeu an gwas Harry ma  
Poddrak broas.
1 Kensa, vrt an hagar auall iggeva gweell do derevoll warneny Keniffer  
termen dr’erany moas
durt Pedden an Wolas do Sillan, &c.
2 Nessa, vrt an skauoll Crackan codna iggeva setha war en crees an  
aules ewhall heb drog
3 Tregya, vrt an Gurroll iggeva gweell gen askern skooth davas, &c.


On 26 Mar 2009, at 07:52, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> I'm not sure that a progressive sequence would emerge, Eddie.  We  
> say: "This year, next year, the year after next, etc."  Or, "this  
> term, next term, and the summer term".  'Next' is used to denote the  
> event following the present one.

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