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Mon Mar 30 11:24:43 IST 2009

Oh, well, we have to make the best of it and, in the meantime, get KS  
as good as it can be, ready for the SWF review in 4 years time.

The problem, of course, is that the AHG was not given nearly enough  
time to deliberate, following which too much was placed on Ben's and  
Albert's shoulders in (again) too short a time.  Hence we have  a SWF  
which is rather too confusing to learners because of inconsistencies.   
Far too much time spent in bureaucracy and all too little for the  
language itself!

As you say, Dan's dictionary will have to remain faithful to what has  
been agreed by the SWF process, and will be an essential publication  
if we are ever to get Cornish into schools.  I'm lucky enough to have  
a first draft of that dictionary and am still amazed that Dan could  
put it together so quickly.  I realise that it is not the final  
version, which I very much look forward to seeing.

With regard to preocclusion, I started out with Dick Gendall in Late  
Cornish and have always preoccluded in speech so that where it applies  
and where it doesn't tends to come naturally.


On 30 Mer 2009, at 10:50, <ajtrim at msn.com> wrote:

> Craig,
> Apparently, there is no evidence of pre-occlusion in the names of M  
> & N. I asked for it to be considered for KS. It looks as though it  
> has been rejected. I'm fine with that.
> If evidence were to appear, we would need two versions, as you say.
> The SWF often writes mm and nn where no pre-occlusion takes place.  
> That is one of the "problems" with the SWF that KS is designed to  
> "fix". If the SWF were satisfactory, we wouldn't need KS. Dan's SWF  
> dictionary will record the SWF as it has been agreed; not as we  
> would like it to be.
> Regards,
> Andrew J. Trim
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>> Absolutely, but what I'm getting at is that the alphabet has to   
>> contain alternatives for M and N (i.e. BM and DN) to be complete.
>> By the way, Andrew and I came across an annoying problem with the  
>> SWF which has commol but comolen.  Surely the collective noun is in  
>> error  as the word does not preocclude.  If not, then we have an  
>> unnecessary complication for learners (why double M in one but not  
>> the other?).  I thought it was agreed that geminates would only  
>> occur in stressed syllables where it is known that preocclusion  
>> applies, e.g. dhymm/ dhybm; omma/obma.
>> Craig
>> On 29 Mer 2009, at 22:41, Michael Everson wrote:
>>> On 29 Mar 2009, at 22:19, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>>>> With M and N we would have to have two entries for each: one for   
>>>> the unpreoccluded form and one where preocclusion applies.
>>> Pre-occlusion could not apply to these words unless they were   
>>> attested with pre-occlusion.
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