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Some letter names are used in Beunans Meriasek:

Du gveras a b c
an pen can henna yv d
ny won na moy yn liuer
ny vef yn scole rum levte
bys ynnewer gorzewar
zum gothvas wosa lyfye
me a zysk moy ov mester

E s t henna yv est
pandryv nessa ny won fest
mur na reugh ov cronkye
rag my ny vezaf the well
vnwyth a caffen hansell
me a russa amendie (BM 99-111).

All we can say is that a, b, c, d, e, s, t all had monosyllabic names.
Du gveras (Duw gweres is the cross sign.

See further: Nicholas Orme, ‘Education in the Cornish Play Beunans  
Meriasek’, Cambridge Medieval Celtic Studies, 25 (1993), pp. 1-13.


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