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Yes, I did, Dan - but why so late?  It's been over a year since the  
SWF agreement was reached.  I offered (and delivered) a list of over  
3,000 place names in the SWF 9 months ago.  Nothing.  Not a peep.   


On 27 Me 2009, at 20:38, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

> Dhew’whei oll lowena!
> No dictionary commission? Do you mean to say you didn’t get this  
> invitation to express your interest in the working groups? I thought  
> this went out along with the Maga’s April Newsletter. Here’s what it  
> said:
> ___________________________________________________
> “31 March 2009
> Following the evaluation of the MAGA project and the three year  
> review of the Partnership, it was decided to add to the structure  
> working groups. The aim of this is to widen involvement in the work  
> of the Partnership and to harness skills both from within the  
> language community and from other areas of interest to help monitor  
> and assist in delivering the work programme. These are advisory  
> groups which will work closely with staff and report to the  
> Partnership and its Management Group. Four are envisaged, although  
> it may well be that the work is further divided in the future. The  
> four groups align with the four main areas of language planning:
> • Acquisition – concerned with learning and teaching at all levels
> • Corpus – concerned with the language itself, linguistic research  
> and discussion
> • Use – community and business use of Cornish, support for speakers
> • Status – Cornish in public life, international links.
> Terms of reference for the groups are attached.
> The Partnership is asking for expressions of interest from anyone  
> who thinks that they would be interested in taking part. You may  
> also recommend someone else whom you feel should be involved. In  
> expressing interest or recommending someone else, it would be  
> helpful if you would note why you are interested and what experience  
> or knowledge you bring with you – not necessarily of Cornish, as  
> there are many skills that could be of use.
> Responses should be sent by post or email, to arrive by May 1st, to:  
> Jenefer Lowe,
> Development Manager, MAGA, Top Office, Dalvenie House, County  
> Hall,Truro, TR1 3AY
> email: jlowe at cornwall.gov.uk Please mark envelopes as Confidential.
> You may feel that you do not want to be involved in a working group,  
> but that you do have skills to offer in other ways. Maybe you would  
> be happy to help with events or you have a particular skill you  
> could teach through Cornish, maybe you sing or play, maybe you are  
> prepared to give talks etc. Maybe you have detailed knowledge or  
> experience in other areas. If so, do please let us know as we are  
> establishing a ‘skills register’ on the database for future  
> projects. If you have any queries, please contact me.
> Jenefer Lowe, Development Manager.”
> ______________________________________________________
> I sent out an expression of interest. I hope to hear from them  
> sometime.
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> From: Craig Weatherhill
> Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 10:05 AM
> “Indeed.  The idea of a dictionary commission was mooted a while ago  
> and, indeed, it was one of the matters for round-the-table  
> discussion at Lostwithiel in January.  As far as I know, nothing  
> further has been done.  There was mention of getting Andrew Hawke to  
> head it but I have spoken to him, and he isn't interested in doing so.
> It does seem to me that the Language Development Office is dragging  
> its feet.  We're no closer to getting the language onto school  
> curricula and, if the SWF is to be of any use at all, it is  
> essential to have a dictionary in place.  Without one, the SWF can't  
> progress in any way.  For the life of me, I can't understand the  
> lack of action.
> Craig”
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