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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Thu May 28 15:28:40 IST 2009

I can't see anything wrong with this suggestion.  For the last few  
years, Andrew Climo and I have recognised the MC and LC pronunciations  
of such pronouns and, using Kernowek Es, have taught that either is  
accpetable. It also applies to some nouns as well, e.g. chy and ky.   
The pronouns concerned are: hy, ny, why, ynjy/anjy (NOT my/me or te/jy).

The MC value is (i:) or "ee"; the LC value is (schwa + I:) - the  
nearest I can get to this is "er-ee" spoken quickly.

I think that -y represents this variance rather better than -i or -ei.


On 28 Me 2009, at 14:10, Michael Everson wrote:

> Dan has:
> durdadhy’hwi ~ durdadhe’hwei
> This analysis in orthography is a bit precious. I don't think we  
> should imitate this in KS. I think lexicalizing the first part and  
> leaving the pronoun alone, as "durdadha why" (and "durdadha jy") is  
> sufficient.
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