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I should have written durdadhe hwei in the Late Cornish version. According
to the SWF spec SWF/MC has dhywgh hwi, while SWF/LC has dhe hwei. I give it
as a contraction of Duw roy dydh da dhywgh hwi. I have now changed this. I
will give: 


durda dhe jy, (SWF).

Duw roy dydh da dhiso jy, (SWF/MC).


durda dhy'hwi, (SWF/MC).

durda dhy'whi, (SWF/MCt).

durda dhe hwei, (SWF/LC).

durda dhe whei, (SWF/LCt).

Duw roy dydh da dhywgh hwi, (SWF/MC).





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Dan has:


durdadhy'hwi ~ durdadhe'hwei


This analysis in orthography is a bit precious. I don't think we should
imitate this in KS. I think lexicalizing the first part and leaving the
pronoun alone, as "durdadha why" (and "durdadha jy") is sufficient.


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