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Nance gives falgh and the plural fylghyow, George falgh, fylghyer; based on Breton falc’h, filc’hier. This appears to derive from Latin falcem (Deshayes’ “Dictionaire Étymologique du Breton”). Lhuyd’s fîlh, filh appears to be a singular form, possibly derived from a plural form. Lhuyd’s voụlz, voulz, vɐụlz may be from Old French falz (George). No plural appears to be attested.

In my dictionary I have given falgh, but also included fylgh as a Late Cornish based form. Maybe Lhuyd’s fîlh is a plural.




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“Lhuyd (1707) gives the following words for 'scythe': fîlh [58b]; filh [293a]; voụlz [58b]; voulz [293a]; vɐụlz [241a]. George (GKK) follows Nance (1938) and gives "falgh". How should we spell this word.

Ol an gwella



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