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On 26 Nov 2009, at 10:30, nicholas williams wrote:

> The Cornish word for "colour" is liu in OCV, where it occurs more  
> than once. The Breton and Welsh congeners are liv and lliw  
> respectively.
> How has it developed as lew in CW and lêu in Late Cornish?

Well, the same question can be asked of bÿs and bës, don't you think?

> And what justification is there for <piw>, <liw>, and <diw> in SWF?

This is not relevant. The "justification" for them in the SWF is (1)  
George has it in KK, (2) The Kesva and Cowethas members of the AHG  
"aspire" (or said that they did) to distinguish <iw> and <yw> in speech.

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