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Thu Nov 26 12:15:37 GMT 2009

I do know all these arguments, but I am still unconvinced that lyw,  
livyow is "confusing".
The present subjunctive of bos 'to be' in UC is byf, by, bo. In KK  
this is biv, bi, bo.
No doubt in SWF, if a grammar is written, the paradigm will be biv,  
bi, bo.
In KS this will have to be written biv, by, bo. The second person will  
perforce have y rather than i.
In which case we will have biv, may fiv, etc. pronounced [bi:v, fi:v]
but liv "flood" pronounced [lIw].


On 26 Du 2009, at 12:00, Michael Everson wrote:

> is ambiguous enough without recommending lyw/livyow alongside.

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