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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Thu Nov 26 12:35:25 GMT 2009

On 26 Nov 2009, at 12:15, nicholas williams wrote:

> I do know all these arguments, but I am still unconvinced that lyw,  
> livyow is "confusing".

That's because you've been speaking Cornish since you were 15 ;-)

> The present subjunctive of bos 'to be' in UC is byf, by, bo. In KK  
> this is biv, bi, bo.
> No doubt in SWF, if a grammar is written, the paradigm will be biv,  
> bi, bo.
> In KS this will have to be written biv, by, bo. The second person  
> will perforce have y rather than i.
> In which case we will have biv, may fiv, etc. pronounced [bi:v, fi:v]

These forms need looking into; Jenner gives "bev (older byf, beyf)" so  
there is a possibility that this one *is* a classical bes/bys/beys word.

> but liv "flood" pronounced [lIw].

No I am not necessarily suggesting that liv be pronounced [liʊ]; it  
would be pronounced [liːv].

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