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I think you’re right and I would very much like to drop *knowen, but it’s in the spec, so I will have to wait to be backed up on his decision. I’ll definitely suggest it. BTW doesn’t Lhuyd (AB 51c) have knẏfan?



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"I thought that 'knowen' was an invention by KG that has no precedent. However, it appears that *cnowen, 'nut-tree' occurs in Lhuyd, 51c. Note, however, that this is 'nut-tree', not 'nut'.  In which case *knowen, to translate as 'nut', would seem to be a KG invention and  inadmissable as truly Cornish.




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> “Fleece” is only ever attested with êu or ew; I would go for  

> knew and not allow **knyw.

> Dan


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> "In the KS document revision 15 it says that <yw> and <ew> appear to  

> be in free variation in the texts in words like gwew, pew, ew, and  

> gew 'woe'. We write these with <yw> , so knyw is

> correct in KS. Cf. Tregear's ew 'is' which we write <yw>.  The  

> diphthong is [Iu]."


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