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I seem to remember necessity for a word when speaking  to the boys  
when they were small gave rise to a plural 'eskellyas grehyn'.  'as'  
being the usual plural of animal types.

On 27 Du 2009, at 19:14, nicholas williams wrote:

> Lhuyd's skelli grehan 'bat' really means 'leather wings' and is  
> comparable with the Irish sciathán leathair, lit. 'leather wing',  
> one of the many Irish terms for 'bat'
> I assume that originally there was a Cornish form *askell grohen,  
> where the feminine noun askell lenited the initial consonant of the  
> following word crohen, used adjectivally to mean 'of skin, of  
> leather'.
> Since we have skelli grehan only, we should spell it eskelly grehyn  
> and use it both for singular and plural. A bat has more than one  
> wing, and so does a belfry full of bats.
> I think we should write the aphetic e-. This is exactly comparable  
> with eskyjyow 'shoes', which is attested as skyggyow (once in OM and  
> once in TH).
> An asterisk is not required.
> Nicholas
> On 27 Du 2009, at 16:24, j.mills at email.com wrote:
>> Lhuyd (1707) gives "skerli grehan" [31a] and "sgelli grehan" [173a]  
>> for "a bat". How should we spell this? Should we observe the  
>> aphesis of <e->? If "sgelli grehan" is singular (a bat), then what  
>> is its plural?
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