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I prefer quȳt, so you should write qwit, i.e with a long vowel.


Andrew J. Trim

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The word quyt, quit is well attested in the texts. It is used emphatically with in mes, 
dhe ves:

ow scoforn treghys myrough quyt the ves thyworth ow pen  PC 1144-45
ha tenna in mes quyt ha glan agan lell feith in mes agan colonow TH 45a
ny a’n gor quit mes a’n bys BK 1857.

Is the vowel long in this word (cf. Breton kuit) or is it short (cf. English quit)?

The spelling of <quyte> seen in han segh gallas quyte drethaf CW 1573

suggests that the vowel was long. In which case we should spell it <qwit>.
If the vowel is short, we should write <qwyt>.

What do others think?



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