[Spellyans] Etymology of Cornish language months of the year and seasons

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 16:34:27 GMT 2010

Mîz Efan is by popular etymology. The original form in BM is Metheven.
This is from *medio-samino- 'the middle of the summer'; cf. Irish  
Meitheamh 'June' < *medio-samo- 'middle of the summer'.


On 10 Whe 2010, at 16:28, janicelobb at tiscali.co.uk wrote:

> Mîz Efan, June (month); poss. understood as clear month  (effan =
> clear, open) but origins are thought to go back to Medio-saminos in  
> the
> Celtic calendar, which poss. means (of)Summer  [Metheven is an archaic
> form]

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