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> Where KK actually agrees with the scribal tradition against Nance, I

> really don't see any grounds for authenticists to argue the point.

> We've already mooted a number of instances where Nance was mistaken,

> or where he simply chose one variant where we have reason to prefer

> another. I'm with Dan on this one.


“The scribal tradition is not some sort of grab-bag. "Ooh, it's there, it's automatically suitable". It is only one part of the suite of things that have to be taken into consideration.”


Yes, and if you want to apply SWF rules, then the KK form, like it or not, is the default. Is there are a rule in KS that the UC(R) form is default? 


“Consider "one", which is attested onan, onen, onyn, onon, and probably onun and onin as well. (No, I didn't check.) Evidently "onyn" is most frequent, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's the right one to choose.”


Nor does it mean that <onen> IS the right one to choose.

Middle Cornish (PA, Ordinalia, BM, BK, TH, SA, CW) attestations:

<onan> 49

<onen> 9

<onyn> 88

<onon> 9

<onin> 0

<onun> 0


The Celtic derivative of *oino- “one” with the extension *oinâno- meaning “alone, personally” can be inferred from OIr oénán, Breton unan and Welsh hunan. Since one of the rules of the SWF is to go by the etymological vowel one would have to check the etymology and the likeliest development in Cornish, e.g. argue that late SW Brit. *uˈnân became Prim.C *oˈnøːn and OC *onen (by accent shift and un-rounding). In any case the VC unfortunately doesn’t give us an OC form and the earliest attestations are in PA and are onan or onon.


“Of course we have rejected KK's "onan" for a variety of reasons, the chief of which is that "onen" is very widely traditional throughout Cornwall already.”


A legitimate reason, no doubt. SWF it is not.



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