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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Fri Feb 12 12:13:09 GMT 2010

It seems that KK couldn't make its mind up about this graph.  Some  
words with <au> (dauns, cauns, etc), it spells with <o>; others it  
spells with <ow>.  Makes little sense to me.  Why change the originals  
at all?

The illogic of this is accentuated by KK's treatment of place-names.   
Mawnan and Mawgan (both saint's names, and originally Maunan and  
Maugan (and so pronounced), are spelt (Sen) Mownan and (Sen) Mowgan  
respectively, which suggests a completely erroneous pronunciation.


On 12 Whe 2010, at 09:20, nicholas williams wrote:

> Under Caldarium AB: 45b Lhuyd gives Kaudarn (with a point under the  
> u).
> Under Lebes AB: 77b Lhuyd gives Kaudarn (with a point under the u).
> Nance spells the word <caudarn>.
> KK in both GKK and GM spells this word <kowdarn>. Why KK spells  
> Lhuyd's <au> as <ow> in this word is unclear.
> I think we should spell the word <cawdarn>.
> What do other people think?
> Nicholas
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