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what have you got against  -ion endings for LC?

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>On 20 Feb 2010, at 08:20, Daniel Prohaska wrote:
>> I see <rr> in all attestations of the plural…
>Yes, Dan, but that doesn't in itself *mean* anything. A 
Traditionalist orthography is not a mechanical grab-bag of what happens 
to be in the texts. We do not just say "If a word has a form in the 
text, then that orthographic form is suitable for a modern 
orthography." What we say is that traditional orthographic *forms* 
should be used. That may or may not have to do with an attested 
>We might have a word for instance ONLY attested in Lhuyd, like *hụag. 
Would we not spell this word as "whag"? Of course we would -- even 
though the only attestation did not have a wh-. Why? Because our 
orthography uses "traditional orthographic forms". which does not mean 
"copying only attested instances of any word". 
>There are some 56 examples of -ryon in the texts (not all of which 
are final), of which only six are finals in -rryon:
>squyerryon OM 1640
>tyorryon OM 2411, 2423, 2486
>karpentorryon OM 2410
>gwyrryon BK 266
>It is easy to see from karpentorryon that the -rr- here isn't 
meaningful; compare: 
>Pehadoryon PA 37
>guythoryon OM 2331
>Karpentoryon OM 2422
>guykcoryon PC 331, 1304
>palmoryon RC 1478
>sovdoryon BM 1190, 2493
>pyboryon BM 4563
>pehadoryon TR 7a
>soudoryon BK 3243
>On phonetic grounds, there's no warrant for an -rr- in the plural of 
sqwier [ˈskwiːəɾ];l certainly the suggestion that it was a geminate 
isn't likely, given OM's Karpentorryon 2410 and karpentoryon 2422, so I 
would ditch [r(ː)] for [r].
>It seems we will settle on sqwieryon [skwiˈɛɹjən].
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