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There are further attestations of the root omdôwl-. Lhuyd gives   
ymdoulur 'Athleta' ABL 44a,  Ymdoular 'Luctator' AB: 81c and John  
Keigwin in his translation of King Charles' Letter uses omdowlow  
'struggles, wrestlings'.
Lhuyd's ymdoula is clearly a LC variant of *omdêwlel, *omdôwlel. The  
sense is 'engage in mutual throwing, wrestle, strive'. For the sense  
of towl to mean 'throw (in wrestling)' cf. E a roz towl dho proanter  
Powle, mîz Du ken Nadelik 'He gave a throw to the vicar of Paul, in  
November before Christmas' Gwavas.
The simplex toula 'throw' is attested for example in Simnen criez  
Peder, ha Andrew e Broder a towlah Rooze en Môr 'Simon called Peter  
and Andrew his brother, casting their nets into the sea' Rowe. The  
verbal noun is tewlel, towlel in Middle Cornish:

teulel pren myl wel vye 'to cast lots would be a thousand times  
better' PC 2847
fatell ronns y tewlell drog pobill in prison 'that they throw  
miscreants into prison' TH 24a
nyn dale thym towlall tho veas 'we should not throw away' CW 2443.

I can see no real objection to omdôwlel as well as omdôwla for 'to  


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> Morton Nance (1938) gives "omdewlel" for 'to wrestle'. The only  
> attestation that I have found for this item is Lhuyd (1707: 81c0,  
> who gives "ymdoụla".

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