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Nance's mer is based on Welsh mêr 'marrow, fat', which is probably the  
same word as Irish smior 'marrow'.
Lhuyd's maru on the other hand looks like a borrowing from Middle  
English marow.
In which case marow is the attested word and mer is a neologism. They  
are different words, however.
Breton mel 'marrow' seems to be a borrowing of French moelle < Latin  


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> Morton Nance (1938) gives "mer" for English 'bone-marrow', and marks  
> it with an asterisk to indicate a neologism. Lhuyd (1707: 15b, 87c)  
> gives "marụ". Is there any justification for retaining the form  
> "mer"? I am aware of the Welsh "mêr" (bone-marrow), which was  
> possibly the basis for Nance's neologism.
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