[Spellyans] Blejyow or Flowrys?

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You might find 'Lyver Pejadow rag Kenyver Jorna' (Cornish Daily  
Prayer), by Andy Phillips useful.  This has been published by Evertype  
and there is also an audio CD of its contents available, which was  
recorded by Andrew Climo and myself.  I'm not certain where the CDs  
are available, but most likely from Ray Chubb's Spyrys a Gernow (which  
stocks the book as well).


On 31 Me 2010, at 23:55, ewan wilson wrote:

> Thanks for the info!
> I'll get the Testament Noweth from Spyrys right away. I couldn't  
> find it on Amazon.
> As for the Prayer Book, I'll seek out the abbreviated outline Ken so  
> kindly mentions!
> Mind you, as a Presbyterian and 'Low Church' Bishop Ryle type I  
> think I'll try to take the 'purged' version that the Evangelical  
> Connexion- Free Church of England adhere to as the good, calvinistic  
> base!!
> Regards,
> Ewan.
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>> On 30 May 2010, at 23:10, ewan wilson wrote:
>>> You mention your work on lexical stuff and I wonder if that means  
>>> you are intending eventually to produce a new dictionary.
>> I've been working on text concordances to verify spellings for  
>> consistency.
>>> I ask mainly because I'm thinking of investing in Nicholas' most  
>>> recent (UCR) dictionary to help me with his New Testament which  
>>> I'm also hoping to acquire. If the latter's going to end up in SWF  
>>> or KS then perhaps I should hold off.
>> Both are very valuable books and you can order them from Spyrys a  
>> Gernow.
>>> My own ultimate aim is to attempt a translation of the Westminster  
>>> Confession of Faith and Shorter Catechism into Cornish. I've made  
>>> a start to the Catechism but it's halting work!! Is the Book of  
>>> Common Prayer available in Cornish?
>> No, but Andy Phillips' prayerbook is available.
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