[Spellyans] Blejyow or Flowrys?

Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Wed Jun 2 15:41:54 IST 2010

Hi Ewan and welcome.

On 1 Efn 2010, at 22:19, ewan wilson wrote:

> On a more narrowly focused Spellyans topic, may I point out that the  
> 'wh' combination presents absolutely no problem to any Scotsman as  
> we pronounce it just as it should be in Cornish- a voicless aspirate  
> ( not the proper technical term which for the moment escapes me!)   
> What do others make of reversing the order of the letters to 'hw'?  
> Phonetically does that not imply a different sound of 'h' followed  
> by 'w'? I can see why it might seem more helpful to those lacking  
> the aspirate 'wh' in English, but surely it is not THAT difficult a  
> sound to learn to articulate?

You are correct 'hw' does encourage a mispronunciation.  A KK zealot  
and teacher of that system has admitted as much.

Ray Chubb


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