[Spellyans] An SWF glossary

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sun Jun 6 19:07:14 IST 2010

An SWF glossary is under preparation. I've been permitted to review it and offer comments to the editor (Albert Bock) though I can't say that for any particular thing I've said I've ever had anything like unequivocal feedback. 

In any case, currently this glossary is being edited in SWF/K only. A mere sentence in the front matter is all the visibility SWF/T has. I find this offensive and inappropriate. This morning I wrote on the glossary's discussion forum the following:

Some people have claimed that this glossary is for children and schools. I do not believe this. There are many vocabulary items which are far beyond what one might expect to see in a glossary for children. 

In fact this glossary will be for anyone who is interested in the SWF, regardless of age. If someone believes that it is scoped only for children, then they had better think again. I don't believe it.

Accordingly, I protest against the editorial policy imposed which effectively obliterates all sign of Traditional orthographic forms. /T forms are mandated only for school examinations and only for the first and second levels of the examination structure, I have been told. 

It is misleading, and prejudicial against /T forms, for the glossary to be presented the way that it is. 

I want to see /T forms in the body of the dictionary.

There has been no comment (though it is Sunday).

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