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On 6 Jun 2010, at 22:06, Christian Semmens wrote:

> I'm not happy with all of KS, particularly the diaresis. I would prefer this to be a didactic device or just have multiple spellings for the bys/bes words noted in a dictionary.

Even if you left this very large group of alternating words with long vowels [iː]~[eː] as "multiple spellings", if you do not mark "bÿs" [biːz] somehow then you cannot distinguish it from "bys" [bɪz]. Now THAT is an error that KK users have been making for many years. Not to be perpetuated.

So given that this must be marked somehow (just as we distinguish u and û/ù), your options are ŷ and ý and ÿ. Only one of these can be guaranteed to be available in the widest variety of fonts: ÿ. 

KS1 proposed "beis" of course, but the SWF gave us "bys"/"bes".

> I am also not really concerned with the apostrophe issue as I don't see that the inadequacies of software should inform orthographic standards.

You know what? I'd've really liked it if somebody had looked at the rules as proposed and pointed out any actual shortcomings. We had a lot of light and smoke about agan/gàn, but that is not the core of the rules about the apostrophe. 

> These things are not insurmountable and we need to remember why we are here.

Hyphens and apostrophes are there. One ought to make good use of them, and have rules about their use which are simple and teachable. The SWF's guidelines about hyphens and apostrophes are very incoherent indeed, and in particular it leaves RLC positively peppered with apostrophes. 

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