[Spellyans] An SWF glossary & Unified versus SWF

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Tue Jun 8 16:29:29 IST 2010

The main purpose of the SWF was for schools and public life.   
Therefore the main demand for SWF should be from local government  
officials and parents of school children.  In spite of the fact that  
the SWF has had a lot of publicity and the Partnership has appointed  
an education officer, (job share), demand for it at present has not  

In fact the trad. graph version of Agan Tavas's course book is  
outselling the main graph version.

In the Camborne class, a democratic society, we have voted to continue  
teaching Unified.  New students don't seem to mind this and they are  
not demanding SWF.  If they did perhaps we would change to SWF (t).

We hope soon to be offering internally assessed exams under the  
Languages Ladder for Unified.  Once we are quit of Language Board  
exams we are free to correct some of the more serious faults with  
Unified and I hope that the Camborne group will vote in favour of  
making a few improvements.  Not as many as some people would like, no  

Unified should not be looked at from a totally linguistic point of  
view.  Nance's original aim of using an orthography based on  
historical Cornish at its zenith, simply standardising out some  
irregularities, is still a valid one and will remain an attractive one  
to future generations who have put some thought into which form of  
Cornish they are going to learn.  Therefore Christian's opinion that  
Unified will only last until the current users die out could well be  

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> Craig,
> OK. No problem.
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> Andrew J. Trim
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>> Chris, Andrew - can you hang on for a while - Michael has just  
>> type- set it but can't complete until he gets home from Austria.   
>> With his  agreement (Michael?  Your thoughts please), I feel we  
>> should give it  out freely to members of the Spellyans list, but  
>> commercially  elsewhere.  MAGA can't be bothered to do this - they  
>> are gearing  everything to SWF/M, and sidelining SWF/T - and I  
>> really think we  should do something about that.
>> The word list does include Late Cornish variants.
>> Thanks for your patience.
>> Craig
>> On 7 Efn 2010, at 21:30, Christian Semmens wrote:
>>> I would also like a copy, please.
>>> Thanks Craig.
>>> Christian
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