[Spellyans] An SWF glossary & Unified versus SWF

Christian Semmens christian.semmens at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 22:30:29 IST 2010

> Therefore Christian's opinion that Unified will only last until the current
> users die out could well be mistaken.
> I very much suspect it is mistaken. I, for one, love UC and will continue
> to study and write in it.
> The issue is not will a few people keep a candle burning for UC, but will
it still be a force in the revival. UC has been in decline for years. It is
also beyond doubt that the inadequacies of UC were fundamental to the schism
that led us to where we are today.

Don't get me wrong, I like UC, I like its aesthetic, I also appreciate the
warm place it has in many hearts, but its days are passed as the primary
vehicle for written Cornish. It served its purpose fairly well, but its
downfall came with the rigidity of those who failed to adapt when its
inadequacies became too much for many to bear. It had a brief chance in the
90s with UCR, but again the chance was lost with the failure to adapt, with
users sticking doggedly to the original ossified form.

If the modifications necessary to overcome its failings were made early
enough then we probably would not be having this conversation now, but we
are. UC is what it is, the first stab at a normalised Cornish orthography.
It is an undeniably important part of Cornish's history, but that is now
where it is destined to reside for the bulk of those involved in the

The SWF process puts the final nails in UC as a viable contender for the
future mainstream. Yes, it may well cling on to usage for a while yet, but
that is all. Its glory days are over and I cannot see it rising, phoenix
like from its own ashes when there are other orthographies that do a much
better job of conveying the sounds of Cornish to the next generation of
users. Especially as half of the revival seem unaffected by aesthetics, even
to the point of using the abominable KK. New naïve leaners will accept what
is placed before them as Cornish, as long as it is 'Official Cornish', and
today, that is the faux KK of the SWF/Main form.

No one is talking about cutting the past away and ignoring it, that would be
silly, but we are looking to the future, and that is not UC.

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