[Spellyans] An SWF glossary

Clive Baker clive.baker at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 15:10:48 IST 2010

Hy there again Craig...
yes please to the  glossary as soon as its  (oops sorry .."it's") ready.[?]

On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 9:06 PM, Christian Semmens <
christian.semmens at gmail.com> wrote:

> I don't believe the current SWF/T form is acceptable, neither do I think it
> was ever intended to be. The strictures placed against it only exacerbate
> this. It is an orthographic ghetto.
> I also do not believe thet UC wil ever return from the twilight it finds
> itself in. The errors and the inability to change or lack of will to correct
> them led to the schism and has brought it to the place where it now resides.
> If UC was the way forward, we'd be there by now.
> In the end the SWF could give us a way out, but at the moment it is simply
> KK with a veil over it.
> With the bickering we've seen here recently I am beginning to despair. The
> KK phonology may be on the back burner, but we have seen Albert saying that
> SWF/KK can accommodate the KK phonology, so it hasn't gone, it has simply
> been hidden. The SWF is largely KK in spelling thanks to Trond. So we have
> toppled KK and replaced it with... KK's twin brother and the stunted dwarf
> SWF/T that has to live in the attic so no one sees it.
> Where does that leave us? From the way some people have been acting
> recently that leaves us with UC (until the current users die), whatever the
> late people are cooking up this week and the SWF/T ghetto. That means
> ultimately no traditional forms in (with the greatest of respect) not a very
> great period of time.
> KS allows us to attempt to get the SWF/T into shape, but only if we pull
> together. Otherwise we might as well all take our toys home and leave the KK
> mess to rule the day.
> I'm not happy with all of KS, particularly the diaresis. I would prefer
> this to be a didactic device or just have multiple spellings for the bys/bes
> words noted in a dictionary. I am also not really concerned with the
> apostrophe issue as I don't see that the inadequacies of software should
> inform orthographic standards. These things are not insurmountable and we
> need to remember why we are here.
> Christian
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