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Hi, Eddie!

Yup, I have looked at CSII but am still rather mystified!
This sentence presents the following problems ( for me, anyway!):-
A) Py lyw = subject
B) its complement is present participle 'ow plekya' 
C) but it's a question,so should it be 'yma' ( with interrogative 'embeded' in the 'py' adjective) or interogative form
D) if interogative, is it definite or indefinite subject?! 

Nyns-of sur whath!


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  On 16 Efn 2010, at 21:21, ewan wilson wrote:

    By the way, as illustrative of the finicky difficulties ( or my block-headedness) can anyone say whether 'yma or 'usy' should be used in translating the sentence-
    'Which colour pleases you the most?'
    Py lyw yma ow plekya dhys moya? or
    Py lyw usy( or us!) ow plekya dhys moya?

    I'm bamboozled!

  If you have a look at Kernewek Sempelhes II, you'll find the whole issue  of yu/yma us/usy discussed at great length and with numerous illustrative examples.

  Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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