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Mina wheg, 

Na wruga vy besca gweles onan a’gas levrow. Ort Kernowek Diwedhes, na wruga vy bus gweles levrow scrifys gen Richard Gendall. Pele hella’ma perna ’gas lever? Ello’whei danon dhebm egwal?




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There is no replacement of Tavas a Ragadazow yet. Dick Gendall promises to do somehting when he has completed his dictionary. TaR was my bible, and it is excellent, although complicated for beginners who have never learned a "foreign" language before. I therefore wrote two grammar books, one for beginners and the second for Advanced pupils, which are somewhat simpler and that is what all Modern Cornish learners have been using until now. the orthography is now somewhatout of date, as Dick has changed yet again so I imagaine it will be relegated to the shelf. However my pupils (including Jan!) have done really well with my book. Mina


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