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Dear All,

First, sorry if this ( or any!) point of grammar is 'off topic' here; please forgive, as it's easy to forget, especially when a decidedly tricky point of syntax pops up! 
A possible distinction between a 'smple' and 'periphrastic' tense usage in the cae of 'statives' v otherwise had not actually occured to me. I don't recall it ever addressed in any of the standard grammars I've read and perhaps my knowledge of both Welsh and Scottish Gaelic caused me just to assume it'd work similarly in the other Celtic tongues, including Cornish! It's a relief to see the Texts actually seem to bear out the case that Cornish IS with her Welsh and Scottish counterparts in this case! 
Am I right therefore in gathering that 'py lyw' is considered definite, the verb should be interrogative and so we should use 'usy'? I'm still not entirely clear! 
If the verb wasn't 'stative' we'd still need an answer.
Alternative sentence:-
'Py pronter yma/usy/us ow pregoth?'


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  And this syntax is attested in BM:

  yth eseff prest ov cresy y vos lel du 'I continually believe that he is true God' BM 834-35
  Nyns esos ov attendya  an laha del vya reys omma an genegygva a ihesus crist war an beys hay pascyon ker 'you do not consider the law, that the birth of Jesus Christ would be necessary here on earth and his beloved passion' BM 848-852
  in crist yma ov cresy 'he believes in Christ' BM 971.


  On 17 Efn 2010, at 18:48, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

    So, typologically these examples point to a similarity to Welsh rather than English and Breton as you propose.


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