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The UC word dyscador, dyscajor derives from Lhuyd's deskadzher  
'professor'. The form with assibilated -j- < -d-
is incorrect, since -d- is not assibilated when r stands in the next  
syllable. This can be clearly seen from such forms as
peder 'four' (feminine), Peder, Pedyr 'Peter', gweder 'glass',   
puscader 'fisherman', pehador, pehadur 'sinner', etc.

It should be pointed out, however, that a word for 'teacher' occurs in  
traditional Cornish. Tregear writes:

ha yth esas ow tristya fatell ota gydyar then re ew dall ha golow then  
re vs in tewolgow, ha dyskar then re nagew fure 'and you trust that you
are a guide to the blind and a light to those in darkness and a  
teacher to those who are not wise'.

This is based on Romans 2.20. The phrase dyskar then re nag ew fure is  
'instructor to the foolish' in the Authorised Version.
Nance has dyscador/dyscajor only in his 1936 dictionary, but gives  
both dyscador and dyscor in
his English-Cornish dictionary of 1951. Since dyscador/dyscajor is  
unattested in traditional Cornish while dyscor is attested in TH, we  
should perhaps prefer Tregear's word to Lhuyd's invention.


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