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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Fri Jun 18 20:05:43 IST 2010

On 18 Jun 2010, at 19:59, nicholas williams wrote:

> People can use descajor if they want. I think I shall use dyscor from now on. After all the word has been part of revived Cornish since 1951.

Yes, well, the semantics have drifted since 1951 and we've got "descador" 'teacher', "descor" 'learner, teacher', and "studhyor" 'student' now. Aren't there more significant things to worry about?

> Descajor is "unappealing" a. because it is phonetically unconvincing; b. because it is clearly an invention by Lhuyd.
> The word descajor is therefore like Lhuyd's *traow for taclow.

On this we are agreed. :-)

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