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Many thanks for this and your reflections on the use of  the texts andTregear. 
As I've said before, it does regularly cross my mind- is this the language Dolly P. and her associates'd have used? Even allowing for a difference in 'register' between 'high/literary' and more 'rough and ready low' and the fact Dolly's sort would have been unlikely to have had a great grasp of the 'higher/more educated' sort, even if the language had been in a much healthier communal state across class boundaries, it does slightly bother one the 'high' register of the Revived tongue might sound strange, even alien or just plain funny to Dolly's ears!

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  Clafjyor < claf, clav 'sick'  + chy/jy 'house' + or.

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    What is the derivation of the agent noun, ' clafyjor'( male nurse) ?


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