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It is an orthography with recommended inflection attached (in the same  
way as the SWF allows LC variants).
I am not an expert on LC or LC orthography, largely because I believe  
that using LC spelling + Lhuyd's orthography was a mistake.
All the same I should transcribe Bodinar's

Bluth vee ewe try egence a pemp.Theara vee dean Bodjack an poscas  
(puscas added underneath). Me rig deskey Cornoack termen me vee mawe.  
Me vee demore gen seara vee a pemp dean moy en cock. Me rig scantlower  
clowes eden ger Sowsnack cowes en cock rag sythen ware Bar.

into KS as

Bloodh vy yw try ugans ha pymp. Th'erof vy den bohojak an pùscas. Me a  
wrug desky Kernowek termyn me veu maw. Me a veu da mor gen sîra vy ha  
pymp den moy i'n côk. Me a wrug scantlowr clowes udn ger Sowsnek  
cowsys i'n côk rag seythen warbar'.

They look pretty similar to me as far as the phonology is concerned.

By the way, if KS in only an orthography, why do you want it to be  
like Dolly Pentreath's speech? Why can't it sound and look more like  
the preaching of John Tregear, or Nicholas Boson's speech or the  
speech of William Jordan? I don't see your point.


On 19 Efn 2010, at 18:19, Chris Parkinson wrote:

>  I understand KS to be an orthography

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