[Spellyans] 6 weeks to learn KS

Nige Martin nige.martin at gmail.com
Sat Jun 19 18:55:45 IST 2010

Dear learned members,

I have the misfortune to be signed off work for 6 weeks and want to take the
opportunity to learn KS.  This may not sit well with users of the other
versions but, after much soul searching, this is what I have decided to do.
At this point many of you will have decided to hit 'delete' and moved on.

For the remainder, I have the KS version of '*Skeul an Tavas*' for use as a
starting point and need to know if any other KS material is available for
purchase/use.  I work in Belgium and will be working alone and in complete
isolation (bar the WWW).  Of course, I do not intend to be fluent in KS
within 6 weeks but a basic grounding will set the stall for further

Thanks for your time,

Nige 'falls but does not bounce' Martin
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