[Spellyans] vocabulary

Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Wed Jun 23 09:15:29 IST 2010

A thread of this discussion which has not been considered is the basis  
of Neil Kennedy's criticism of Nicholas's English-Cornish dictionary.

Neil suggested that Nicholas had gone too far in trying to find a  
suitable word for every single word of English when in fact Cornish  
words have a wide range of meanings.

One way of avoiding inauthentic borrowings is to remember the wide  
range of meanings for some Cornish words.  Nance's 1938 Cornish- 
English dictionary is probably the best source for that range.

With regard to trying to sanitise out words considered to be too  
English, we should always remember that we are attempting to revive  
Cornish which has a history reflecting the history of Cornwall.  Re- 
writing history at any level is unprofessional and can sometimes be  

Ray Chubb


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