[Spellyans] chi v chy

Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Mon May 3 09:19:32 BST 2010

The choice of 'chi' for the SWF has its critics, but I'm not sure that  
the choice is such a bad thing.  For a start the progression chi >  
chei (for the Late variant) is more smoothly attained than chy >  
chei.  I thought that a check on the historical validity of chi might  
be a useful exercise, so I did a count of historical forms of the  
word, as a generic, in place-name history prior to 1750, and came up  
with the following count:

CHI - 69 examples
CHY - 152
CHE - 24
CHUY - 2
CHIE - 3
CHOY - 1
CHEY - 1
CHEI - 2

CHY runs away with it, but 69 exx. of CHI does give this spelling firm  
historical validity.

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