[Spellyans] KS specification document

Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Thu May 6 07:12:03 BST 2010

Andrew and Craig,

I agree with what you say, and would like to add that, in addition to  
the proposed list of SWF faults+remedies, we desperately need one more  

... a draft specification of KS.

Without that, some of us (well, I don't imagine I'm the only one)  
don't know all of what KS currently proposes. This makes it extremely  
difficult to discuss KS.

For instance, I want to start a discussion of the diacritics currently  
proposed in KS, and raise 2 questions:
1) does it have too many diacritics?
2) what should the status of diacritics be in KS: compulsory?  
recommended? optional?

Without a KS specification to refer to, I can't initiate that thread.

I've requested this document before, but nothing has come of it.  
Please, Michael and Nicholas, draft a KS spec document. Rough draft is  
fine, no need for fine typesetting; just get it out asap.

Gromercy dheugh!

Eddie Climo

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