[Spellyans] Rules for the apostrophe

Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Tue May 18 23:12:18 BST 2010

On 18 Me 2010, at 21:40, Michael Everson wrote:
> As I said, this is nothing new. In order not to break the rules of  
> quantity, KS1 suggested to write these as gàn, gàs, gà when  
> shortened as stand-alone words. But shortening agan, agas, aga is  
> relatively rare anyway.

Was it really, and that long ago? Of course, as you haven't provided  
us with the (often requested) interim draft spec of KS (despite  
repeated requests from many of us, Michael), you can hardly blame us  
poor polygolot "non-linguists" for failing to remember all these  
arbitrary decisions made by one or two on this list simply ages ago.

When IS that draft KS spec coming? Or, at least, when is a response  
coming to the (seconded) request made on this a little while back?

Do note that, if still unanswered, this request for a draft KS spec  
will not simply go away.

Re varwo an tybyans sos!

Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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