[Spellyans] Rules for the apostrophe

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Wed May 19 12:42:22 BST 2010

On 18 May 2010, at 10:59, Michael Everson wrote:

> One strange feature of other orthographies of Revived Cornish is that dha was combined with agan, agas, and aga differently from the way it was combined with other prepositions. The SWF should regularize ha’gan ‘and our’, na’gan ‘nor our’, a’gan ‘of our’, re’gan ‘by our’, y’gan ‘in our’ and dha’gan ‘to our’, (not dh’agan). 

I withdraw this suggestion. This suggestion was made when KS1 had replaced "dhe" with the later form "dha". Since the SWF retains "dhe", it is the vowel there, not in "agan" which is elided. So "dh'agan" is more accurate for both the SWF and KS.

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